Alejandro_Castaneda's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello everyone!
Welcome to my tracking thread, I am in the IFATC recruitment process. Throughout these days, I will be opening up the ground and tower frequencies for you to come and do some amazing T&G. I hope you can help me and don’t forget to comment on your experience.



For the second time, frequencies are already open in MMUN! I invite you to enjoy wonderful views and an incredible pattern experience, do not forget to comment


@patrickv Good landings

Thanks to everyone who came!

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Thankfully the Airbus A318 is easy to control on IF. Those were some tight bases I did and a few 100° turns. Let me wish you the very best of luck with the continuation of your IFATC recruitment. My feedback begins below.


  1. Having begun at MMIM (a nearby airport), after taking off, I requested transition through MMUN airspace. You approved my transition at too high an altitude, at 3,000ft. Usually, you should round up to the nearest 500ft — yes. However, Cancun International lays so low (at 21ft) that this is not needed. The correct altitude would’ve been 2,500ft. Your theory was right (with the airport elevation (rounded up to the nearest 500ft) + 2,500ft = transition altitude but you were controlling one of the exceptions to this rule.
  2. After transitioning, I informed you that I was “inbound for touch and go.” You, very well, put me onto the correct runway (taking into account aircraft position, weather, and prior use). You effectively used a pattern entry command — in this case, "enter right downwind runway 12R. As the only aircraft in the pattern, I can not speak for your sequencing work.
  3. The clearance for my pattern came far too late. This only seemed to be a one-off but you cleared me as I was on my base leg. Though late, the correct command was used and you provided me with a direction to turn. Remember: you can, and should, clear aircraft for the option as early as when the aircraft is on its crosswind leg of the pattern.
  4. You handled X5654I’s takeoff request decently. With me on short final, instructing this aircraft to “hold short” was the right move. You could have got them to line-up-and-wait earlier, however, only doing so after I had passed 1nm from the hold-short line they were sitting at. This wasn’t much of an issue with empty airspace, but you may not have the liberty to be so casual as an IFATC controller at a busy airport. You also had them wait quite a while (once again, not an issue in empty airspace — but it would be with a busier runway) with me rather well into my crosswind leg of the pattern.
  5. You gave me a late-ish clearance this time, better than last time — but I was still on the downwind leg of my pattern (see point 3 for guidance on option clearances).
  6. After another touch and go on runway 12R, I requested a change to runway 12L. You handled this well, correctly telling me to “enter left downwind runway 12L.” This time, your clearance timing was perfect (see point 3 for guidance on option clearances)! Not only was it prompt, but you also gave me a direction (as you should following a runway change).
  7. Well done for handling my stop and go action well. You, rightly so, didn’t tell me to exit the runway. Remember: the option covers everything (e.g. full-stop landings, touch and go, and stop and go).
  8. The next clearance, like the last, was perfectly executed. Well done.
  9. After I informed you that I was “on left downwind runway 12L, full stop” you correctly replied with nothing more than a “roger.” As the option already covers what I informed you of, no further landing clearance was required.
  10. You instructed me to exit the runway rather late. I was turning off and was actually over the non-runway taxi markings before you told me to exit the runway. And, I was already below 50kn in speed. Remember: you should instruct aircraft to exit the runway when they’re at a controlled speed (usually under 70kn). Though late, you used the correct command.
  11. When I informed you that I was “ready to taxi,” you sent me to parking. However, this command always means that the aircraft contacting Ground wants to be routed to an “active runway.” It does not mean that the controller should interpret the user’s wishes. I had to re-request a taxi with a specific runway for you to understand my intentions.
  12. I, for an extended period, taxied on grass without warning. Use the [Taxi through grass] command button to remind users not to taxi on the green.
  13. When I requested a frequency change to Tower (after a weird mistake where you told me to hold the position, corrected yourself, and said “continue taxi”) you correctly told me I had “already been instructed to change frequency.” Well done.
  14. You didn’t notice my very major runway incursion. All of my aircraft was over the hold short line. The airspace was empty so this had no consequences for other aircraft but remember: even a nose over the hold short line means that any aircraft on 3nm short final must be sent for a “go around.”
  15. After clearing me for takeoff, you promptly had me change frequency. Well done.

Overall, you showed some confidence in controlling patterns in the air. However, you need to adjust your timing with some situations. Also, work on your ground handling — improve your vigilance, proactiveness, and situational awareness. Well done generally!

Once again, I wish you the best of luck with the continuation of your recruitment to IFATC!


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First of all thank you very much for attending!

-I will work on the response times by doing them immediately
-I’ll pay more attention when an aircraft is on the ground
-I have to imagine that the airport is full and not empty

Very good explanation about all that, I understood it all very well. I hope I can come again in a few hours (16:00 ZULU) to refine those details. I’ll mention it so it flies

Is there anything I forgot?

Nope, that’s a pretty comprehensive summary of my feedback.

Once again, good luck with your recruitment!

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I’ve opened frequencies on KSLC, come fly! I’m waiting for you here.

I’m on now!

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Yes! I see you!

Pattern work in the a320 allowed?

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Yeah, with the plane you’re most comfortable with

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Ok, thanks. I love training in it

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@Cannoli928 You have to announce that you’re going to full stop so I can give you the exit runway and contact ground instruction

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@Cannoli928 thanks for attending

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I do? Is that only because I was in the pattern or is that a normal request?

When you are in pattern and want to make a normal landing, you have to announce your position followed by full stop so that the controller knows that you will no longer make T&G

Ok, thank you for informing me! I guess I’ve been doing T+G all wrong. That certainly wasn’t my best session but I tried to test you out a little bit. I liked that you noticed my approach on the wrong runway and informed me swiftly, giving me time to readjust and not even go around. Fantastic work today, no negatives from me whatsoever! Keep up the great work!

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Thanks, it happens, but you’ll have better days. I hope you can join us next time.

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3,000 is fine. We’re not too nitpicky about 500 here or there. If it was at 5,000+, that’d be a different story.

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