Alejandro_Castaneda’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hey pilots!
Welcome to this great city called Dubai OMDB, a city full of luxuries and riches! Open frequencies to make your T & G with a quality controller without any inconvenience!
Feel free to comment your experience and my mistakes here below.


Dear pilots!
Now it’s time to visit VTBS, an airport with incredible structure at its terminals, perfect with its parallel runways to practice T & G, transitions, track changes, etc!
Do not forget to comment on your experience and my mistakes below!

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This time we will open Ground and Tower frequencies in KPDX!
Feel free to make patterns, departures and arrivals!
Active Runways: 28L/28R/03

I had been a little busy but I’m ready to practice again!
This time I will open in MMUN because it is the airport with parallel runways closest to where I live, it has incredible views and you will enjoy a good ATC

Don’t forget to leave your comments below, it will help me a lot!

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