Alejandro_Castaneda’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

What’s up guys!
I open this thread since I am preparing to apply the IFATC exams, I hope you can join the airports that I will be publishing!

Feel free to tell me more mistakes to be able to work on them and be IFATC in the future!



Active track only 25R since there are mountainous areas for 25L and no patterns can be made! I WAIT FOR YOU!

I’ll see if I can join but how long do you think you will be there for

I do not have other things to do, so I guess more than 1 hour, it all depends on how the traffic is

I’ll be your person! Coming now

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I will join! Any specific aircraft you want me to be in?

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The one you like the most to fly

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Ok I will look for a flight in a 738 from Hong Kong.

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Joining in a Philippine Airlines 321!

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Radar Contact

Sorry I left early had to do chores

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Thanks to those who joined

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Your welcome! It was a nice flight


Dear pilots!
Be all welcome to this great city with a beautiful beach to enjoy some T & G! I WAIT FOR YOU!

HESH 360 / 9KT 6SM
Active runways: 04L-04R
I accept patterns


See you there! ;)


Dear pilots!
Be all welcome to this link with incredible sea views called Cancun MMUN!
You can enjoy quality ATC and patterns with incredible views!
Do not hesitate to comment your experience and my mistakes!

Estoy yendo a Cancún! Espérame. Soy BAVA486

I am coming! Wait for me please.

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Here we are with a beautiful sunset

Alright. You did really good. But there is a “but” heh.
The only mistake I could find was, that when you wanted me to switch Runway and land on 12L instead of 12R, you didn’t give me a pattern entry. Remember, you give patterns when you want to change a runway, and when someone is inbound to your airport (not using ILS, or approach services).

I highly suggest you to Google for a pattern entry scheme in Google, I can’t send you one right now because I am using phone and a bit busy, and you could also try watching the official IFATC pattern entry videos at YouTube!

I wish you good luck and hope to see you soon in IFATC Slack :)

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Thanks for coming!
Right, first I have to give pattern instructions and then Cleared for the option