Alec’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSLC

Hello peoples 👋🏻

I’m bored and have nothing to do, so please come visit me at KBNA.

Be mindful, I have like one operation so I’m not going to be great.


RUNWAYS: The 2 Runways

TIME OPEN: About an hour or so



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I’ll stop by soon.

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Thanks for coming!

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Feedback from N17EE

[03:01:33Z] I apologize for this as I should of done " request transition first instead of inbound for touch and go , my mistake there , but we can still gather feedback from this. I will split this into two parts to make it easier to read.

Transition - For the transition here’s how to calculate it . Airport Elevation in which KBNA’s is 598ft then you would add 2,500ft which equals 3,098ft which for Transition would be 3,000.

Inbound for Touch and Go’s - For touch and goes first I would need an pattern entry. So since I’m coming in an south easternly direction for Runway 31 you should given me " Enter straight in Runway 31 " , then the clearance you gave me for Runway 31 was perfect.

[03:03:30Z] - Since you’ve already cleared for Runway 31 with the added " after the option make left traffic " theres no need to include " enter left downwind runway 31 " , now for my runway change I’ve just seen going into replay mode that the transmission was sent 15 seconds before I requested for it though I dont know why it didnt deliver to me yet , so forget about the runway change , I wouldn’t of asked until I was on downwind if it wasnt for that.

[03:06:51Z] - Good clearance since I was the only one doing pattern work at the time.

[03:09:18Z] - Now I see why you would you would issue me an go around however remember that since I was " cleared for the option " I can also do low passes .

[03:10:38Z] - For runway changes you first need an pattern entry then a clearance however it seems seconds later you corrected and noticed your mistake , good on that .

Summary - As you said you quite new to atc so I’m not going to pound you down or do anything like that. I will leave some resources that should help you improve on pattern work and more.

Resources -

  • ATC Manual - 3.3 Inbounds - This will help you on what to do if someone calls inbound , also for runway changes , or cleared for the option.

  • ATC Manual - 3.4 Pattern Work / Transitions / Flight of XX - This will make you understand more of transitions , pattern work , and flight of xx as the name suggests.

  • ATC Manual - 3.5 Exit Runway / Go Around - Although I didnt get to the part of landing , here is what you should do regarding the exit runway command and go around.

  • ShaneAviation’s Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them - I most of the times leave this as an resources on tracking threads because as the name suggests it will help you with common mistakes if they ever do occur.

Ending Remarks - These resources should help you advance ATC resources , as this happened for me aswell and its helped me aswell. Have an nice rest of your day :)


Opening at KSLC for anyone that wants to fly out, should be open for 40ish minutes.


Recommended flights:

KSLC-KLAS (SWA737 or DAL738)

Closed due to lack of traffic.

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