Alberto_Lopez's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @KSMF

Hi guys im going to make a Tracking Thread at Sacramento Airport

Hopefully they could help me doing pattern work, which is what I want to improve the most.
Departures are also accepted.

Departure and Landing runways: 34R and 34L

I’d appreciate it if you followed all my instructions.

Training server.

And please do not hesitate to send me your feedback, to know how I can improve

Hi Alberto! Hope everything is well with you. Yesterday you made a tracking thread I linked below. Be sure to stick with that topic during the time you want to use your tracking thread. You only need one. :)

How i can close that ?

You want to keep the first one you had. The mods should close this one as you already have an available tracking thread that I linked above.

I want to close that thread and keep this.

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