Albatross D.III || Aircraft of the week

Artfully stated, sir. Thank you! I just hope junior will read this as well, maybe take it to heart.

You encompassed everything I wanted to say. Thank you

This series would be a great addition to the community!


That is a beautiful aircraft. There is something to be said for the graceful, yet simple, lines of the airframe and the elegant, though seemingly diminutive tail. The German aircraft community were truly ahead of the curve on a lot of their designs during the WWI & WWII era. What I find to be truly fascinating is the synchronized firing disconnect system that had to be refined in order to allow the aircraft to function in a fighter role and not shoot it’s own prop off. That is a true engineering marvel for aircraft of this type in my opinion. Far better than the earlier French design prior to 1915 of simply armor plating the prop and hoping for the best. Thank you for this great history lesson!

Just remember: Those who don’t learn from history, doom themselves to repeat it.

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It’s incredible. It really revolutionized air combat because before you ethier armoured your prop or reached up and shot over the top of the top wing.

looks like a battelfield 1 airplane…actually it could be it

Good Idea. Look forward to seeing these topics.

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I’d suggest aircraft of the day; everyone’s going to be clenching their teeth until Sunday with the thoughts of when this is gonna be posted.

That’s what make this thread good. Everyday would overdo it, making it less special and less wanted.

Yeah I couldn’t keep up with everyday. I got too much school work and stuff

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