AlaskaVirtual adds to fleet

Hello, IF community!
AlaskaVirtual has recently added 2 new planes to the fleet. The first one we added is the
Boeing 737-700 BBJ with the “Private 2” livery. We chose this livery because of its resemblance of the Alaskan northern lights. image
The second plane we added is the Embraer E175. we chose this plane because of its stability and the ease of flying itimage


You don’t need a new topic for every new plane. Only do it if it’s a major change.
If you post it on the main topic I’m sure people will see it.


Hey! I sent in an application. Can you please review it! Thank you!

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We haven’t received it. Try sending it again?

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Please try not to post every minor thing about your virtual airline so you don’t clog up the forums. Try posting updates like these to your original Alaska Virtual announcement thread.


Um, I’ll just send it to you guys directly. Please provide me with your email.

Just a tip: Post minor change news and updates on your website


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