Alaskan Milk Run

:Aircraft: B738, 739, A320. Livery: Alaska Airlines, Alaska Airlines 2016, Alaska Airlines More to Love.

  • I will do a redo on this on Saturday and I apologize for my mistake.

Friday July 24 1:17 PM American Pacific Standard Time.

  • Starting airport: Seattle Tacoma Intl (KSEA).
    Destination airport: Anchorage Ted Stevens Intl (PANC).

  • Training server

----Departure time is 9:00 AM American Pacific Standard time.





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Should you not give the the routes, altitude, aircraft, area to spawn etc?

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Hey man! Unfortunately you are only allowed to post 3 hours before the event starts. Also you title and thread is missing information. Check out this thread to fix it:

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That’s not a very nice thing to post. Please be more courteous to others. @Theodore Just follow what @Sashaz55 said and change the mistakes and you are all set

in case of TL;DR on that: here it is in the rules

zoom out to see the location (text will be marked in yellow)

@Theodore do you know the departure time in Zulu?

Group Flights must be within 3 hours of departure.