Alaskan Glory


This is my third time posting and I wanted to share a trip that I said I was going to make in my last thread.
So, I set off from King Salmon airport (PAKN):

I wasn’t sure if the trip is worth it. From the start I saw that some terrain was missing, but I carried on and quickly arrived at Naknek lake:

Now I was starting to realise, that the route that I have planned will be absolutely gorgeous. I continued and took some pictures of the Kenai peninsula:

I was startled by the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve! I mean it is truly staggering:

Eventually i reached the region of Hoonah-Angoon, which was also incredibly fantastic:

Then I flew over the town of Juneau, which has the Pacific Ocean wrangled around it’s terrain:

And to finish it all off (the screenshot number is limited so I chose best) - Tongass National Forest:

During this trip I was truly amazed. The glaciers, lakes, mountains, the Pacific really made for a breathtaking experience. I hope I was able to show what You can witness while flying along the coast of Alaska!

Thank You for reading, I hope You enjoyed!

P.S. If You’re wondering how my trip ended: I crashed somewhere in Mexico, because autopilot decided to have a strike, lifted my nose up, lowered it and with a small VS I eventually crashed into the mountains. I was busy doing something else, so didn’t notice it.

Also, please let me know where I could fly next. Thank You once again!



KPIT 😉 (let me know if you do)

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Spread the scenery and love of Alaska!!! Beautiful pictures you got.


OMG! I can’t decide which is best 😭😂😂 really cool stuff there, keep it up.

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Nice Pictures 👍🏽😄


Amazing pictures, thanks for posting!
Make sure to fill out the necessary data as the thread might be closed otherwise:

Nice! Those are great pictures. I can’t wait to fly around there with the XCub!


Nice! Alaska sure has amazing scenery!


The scenery in Alaska never gets old! Always a pleasure to fly over. Super pretty. 😍


Really hoping the rest of alaska gets fixed we have so much beautiful terrain here!!

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Yes, I noticed a lot of flat terrain, let’s hope that it’s implemented!

To all the people who are tracking this thread:
Please check out my new screenshot collection from Australia! Perhaps not as stunning as the Tongass National Forest, it is still worth checking out!


Great pictures, this is why I always fly around Alaska!

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Oh yes! Let’s hope to see the terrain and scenery fixed when the next scenery update comes through!!!

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Yeah, I’m exited to see the better terrain in Canada and alaska

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Don’t forget Greenland! It has some very similar, yet unique features to Alaska, I’m planning to do a fly-around when the new update comes along!

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