Alaskan Bush Flyin’

In today’s flight, I flew around Skagway, Alaska. It was very fun to do and I encourage flying around this area. Enjoy the pictures!

Server: Solo
Aircraft/Livery: CubCrafters XCub/Red and White
Route: VFR
Time: 51 minutes

Preparing for the flight

Nice path in between to mountains

Approaching the Chilkat Inlet

Another view of the Chilkat Inlet

XCub getting ready to turn to a glacier

Approaching to land on the glacier

Touchdown on the glacier!


Wow! That is beautiful, great work :)

Thank you!

I love Skagway! Thanks for sharing these great pictures! Too bad I’m out of likes, though I should have some in a few minutes. Lol 😂

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I love the pictures. Alaska has a lot of great terrain great for sightseeing. Might have to try out some flying up there.

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Me too, It’s a really cool place to fly.

Thank you! You should definitely try flying up here. Lots of different places to look at.

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Love seeing Alaskan shots! I need to fly around there more often

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Same, besides flying here, I also like seeing other people fly in AK.

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Great work! @anon38496261 approves


Thanks! I’m sure every Alaskan approves!

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My name is Alaska096, and I approve this topic 👍

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Glad you approve it 👍

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Well done. Would recommend flying in the Arctic or Antarctic next!

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That looks amazing. Thanks for the inspiration

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Thanks @Patrick_McCormack, I will definitely check out the places you recommended and make sure to mention you!

Thank you @Liam06! Glad you were inspired by these photos. Hope to see fly around these areas more!

Is there an infinite flight app that shows you inbound and outbound flights to airports on all servers.😊

I’m not sure, but in LiveFlight you can see what the general flow and direction of traffic whether it has active ATC or not. Also when you go to the actual Infinite Flight app and go to live, depending on what server you’re in, you can see how much is arriving to an airport.