Alaskan Airlines E175 Old Livery

Alaskan Airlines

Alaska Airlines was founded in 1932 and is based in Seattle. It has a fleet of 330 and serves 116 destinations. It has 21,560 employees and it’s slogan is Creating an Airline People Love

Embraer E175

The E175 is a short-haul jet airliner produced by Embraer. It can carry a max of 88 passengers, a crew of 4 and has a max speed of 470 knots. It has a range of 2,000NM and a service ceiling of 41,000 feet. It is 103 feet long and has a wing-span of 94 feet.

Credit: Alaska Airlines

I would love to see this in IF!
If you would like this in Infinite Flight, please vote, but if you don’t vote, don’t say I have your support. Thank you!

Isn’t it beautiful?


Looks awesome, it would be a joy to fly

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I didn’t even know this livery existed on the E175

I thought this airplane was bought to replace the CRJ family and was painted in the new livery as the oldest ones I have noticed were from 2016

Guess there was a white E175 Alaska livery…