Alaskan airlines B738 One world livery

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This livery is so cool, especially with 2016 and the gray Alaska airlines wording. It’s really, unique for some reason to me.

I couldn’t find any duplicates so please let me know if it’s a duplicate.

Wikipedia: What is Alaskan airlines

Wikipedia: What it the 737 Boeing 737 Next Generation - Wikipedia

I don’t recall them getting a 737-800 in the OW livery, just a -900


It was a -900ER that received the OneWorld livery, you’re right.

The OneWorld livery is currently on the 737-900ER, not the 737-800.

You can vote for it here.


I wonder why I couldn’t find it then

I think it’s because you could’ve searched up 737-800, I just searched Alaska OneWorld and it was the 3rd topic to show up :)

I didn’t not search 737-800

I just put Alaska airlines One World livery

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