Alaska096 Official Trailer 2020 (The new identity. is here)

Ladies and gentlemen,

It’s time for a new evolution.

This. is Alaska096 2020.

I’ve treated myself with a new channel trailer to my channel, Alaska096 (link below). The current trailer is one year old as soon as this one goes up.

I hope you enjoy my trailer and my content. The link is below.

It will go live at 2020-06-04T03:00:00Z


Click on the thumbnail to watch. Enjoy!


I know I’m six months late for 2020 😂

It’s still awesome though. Tune in when it comes.

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I’ll be there! 👀

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Already time for 2021.

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Yeah, I’ll probably be making one for 2021 and it’ll be up on January 1st.

I just wanted to get a new one going rather than the old one when I was still way new at editing.

If we even make it to 2021


Skipped! Time to go to 2022.

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If 2021 is as ridiculous as 2020, I’m going to Finland or Iceland or somewhere

I’ll only watch it if my ears are deaf by the end.


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Good Choice my friend.

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Nah I’m going to mars if 2021 is worse than 2020


I agree.

Let’s keep it on topic tho, lol

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Oh Yeah, I will be farther, Kepler System.

Sorry, I had to say it.


It’s almost finished uploading! Gotta wait for that premiere though 🔥

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I’ll watch tomorrow morning because i will be in bed.


Great. I enjoyed it.

{insert smart sentence here}

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