Alaska Will Be Flying Smaller Planes from Anchorage to Seattle and Other Routes

Alaska Airlines said on Monday that they will start flying smaller aircraft on some routes. They specifically mentioned Anchorage to Seattle, Anchorage to Dillingham (an Alaskan island), and Fairbanks to Seattle routes.

Can an E175 make it that far, you ask? Yes, actually. Delta flies both their 737s and their E175’s to Fairbanks from Seattle. It’ll be cool to have Alaska doing the same.

As a spotter and Alaska enthusiast, I’m super excited to spot the E175 and others all the time.

Alaska said that this decision has a small part to do with the fact that many Americans are staying on the ground during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Personally, It’s going to be so cool to spot the E175 and 737s at the same time. All I’d be missing is the A320 family and the Dash 8, but I can just fly to Seattle for that.

What do you think about Alaska’s decision?


@Key you might like this :)

@Robertine too :)


Very interesting. I was not expecting that. I was expecting Delta to do something like this, but not Alaska.

I wonder if any of these will visit southeast…


I wouldn’t be surprised if Alaska starts flying them to Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka instead of their 737s. Delta currently flies an E175 to Sitka seasonally.


Yeah, but that was in place well before the virus. I was expecting them to switch all their Alaska southeast to E175’s. Or cancel them all together.


I think now is as good a time as any to introduce the rest of the Alaska Airlines family to the plsce they’re named after… Alaska!


Saw this also. Finally some other Alaska tails rather than the 737 all the time.

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Yeah. They also tried bringing the Dash 8 here but people hated it because “you have to step outside in the cold”. 🤦‍♂️




no more 737-900s :)))))))

finally, some diversity!


Lol you sound excited xD


I’m genuinely happy!


Me too! I saw an E175 at KSEA when I flew there and it was amazing. I saw a lot of special liveries as well.


I would rather fly in a 737 on that route because it has IFEs and it’s bigger.

Delta flies 737s without IFE. It’s not bad. Also, Alaska’s 737s don’t have IFE.

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Really? All of deltas 737s have IFEs according to they’re website.

I’ve flown on some that don’t. That was two years ago though, so maybe they fitted them with it.

Also even without TVs I would rather be on a larger plane on the 3hour flight.

Wow! An actual link that’s real! But seriously, that’s crazy, but also not surprising when talking about the island, can’t believe they got B737s before.

I think they’re doing t because they don’t need that much space that the 737 has. What I’m saying is that they don’t need to carry as many passengers maybe

Normally, the 737 is their workhorse for this route. I think this is their most popular route, but in these current times, they only need an E175.

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