Alaska Virtual News/Info Board

Here you will find the news board for Alaska Virtual. It contains up to date information about the VA including staff, fleet, routes and how to apply. It also contains the latest news on Alaska Virtual.
This board will be updated daily so it can be kept up to date. For any questions or concerns you can contact myself or the Co-CEO @sk28
Below you’ll find our promotional video

Welcome aboard Alaska Virtual

Our Website


Staff Status

Pilot [OPEN] {6/30}

Director of Pilots [CLOSED] {2/2}

Alaska Virtual Media [CLOSED] {2/2}

Event Organizer [OPEN] {1/3}

Co-CEO [CLOSED] {1/1}


Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 (DH4)

Boeing 737-800 (B738)
Boeing 737-900 (B739)


Boeing 737-800

Seattle - Los Angeles (KLAX)
Seattle - San Diego (KSAN)
Seattle - Denver (KDEN)
Seattle - Detroit (KDTW)
Seattle - Houston (KIAH)
Seattle - Las Vegas (KLAS)
Seattle - Sacramento (KSMF)

Boeing 737-900

Seattle - Anchorage (PANC)
Seattle - New Orleans (KMSY)
Seattle - Philadelphia (KPHL)
Seattle - Newark (KEWR)
Seattle - New York City (KJFK)
Seattle - Orlando (KMCO)
Seattle - Chicago (KORD)
Seattle - Mexico City (MMEX)
Seattle - Cancuun (MCUN)
Seattle - Kona (PKOA)
Seattle - Lihue (PLIH)
Seattle - Honolulu (PHNL)
Seattle - Washington DC (KDCA)
Seattle - Charlotte (KCLT)
Seattle - Pittsburgh (KPIT)

Dash-8 Q400

Seattle - Boise (KBOI)
Seattle - Vancouver (YYVR)
Seattle - Missoula (KMSO)
Seattle - Portland (KPDX)
Seattle - Colorado Springs (KCOS)
Seattle - Spokane (KGEG)
Seattle - Salt Lake City (KSLC)
Anchorage - Fairbanks (PFAI)
Anchorage - Kodiak (PADQ)
Anchorage - Kenai (PENA)
Anchorage - Juneau (PJNU)


Ted Stevens Anchorage Intl Airport
Seattle Tacoma Intl Airport
Portland Intl Airport

News Board

[details=EasyJet Partnership Discontinued]Alaska Virtual has discontinued the partnership with EasyJet Virtual for bennificial reasons. We will no longer be operating their aircraft.


[details=EasyJet Virtual Partnership]Alaska Virtual is proud to announce the partnership with EasyJet Virtual! Alaska Virtual will be operating EasyJet aircraft as well as EasyJet Virtual operating our aircraft.


[details=Alaska Virtual Fun]Alaska Virtual is holding an event “Alaska Virtual Fun”. The event purpose is to see everyone in the Alaskan spirit and to get some good screenshots.


[details=Alaska Virtual adds to fleet]Alaska Virtual has added the Boeing 737-700 BBJ and Embraer E-175 to the fleet.


[details=Skyteam Membership]Alaska Virtual is now a proud member of Skyteam alliance. Other Skyteam members include: Delta Virtual, Ryanair Virtual, Saudia Virtual, Southwest Virtual, FlyBe Virtual, Korean Air Virtual, EasyJet Virtual


[details=Delta Virtual Partnership]Alaska Virtual proudly announces the partnership with Delta Virtual!



Nice, but one thing why do you have to create a new topic about everything that happens with your VA. Try making one inclusive topic to talk about your airline 😉

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Thank u i know rite @bob

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That’s what this topic was for. I just put everything in this topic.

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He means that you should create a topic, and put every new information about you VA in said topic. I counted 13 topics in total regarding Alaska Virtual Airlines.

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Okay, will do

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Might want to specify which airports in each city you fly to. Some cities, like NYC, have more than one airport.

Oh sorry about that.

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How do I become a pilot?

You can go to our website at the apply section and fill out the form:

Or you can send me a PM containing your grade, flight time, and the position you want.

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Okay, I sent the application. Please review it :)

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