Alaska Virtual | Creating A Virtual Airline People Love


Here is a cargo plane!


Could I get an invitation to join your slack:)


@NathanD have you applied?


From what I can see in our callsigns list, it doesn’t look like he has applied yet, unless he used a name different from @NathanD.
-ASVA Dylan


If you would like to join us, then please visit this page.


Hey please may I join this amazing VA


We would love to have you! Apply in this link below.


Hey I have submitted a form you should see it I hope I do get accepted


I joined ASVA a couple days before I got ghosted and only just recently got back to grade 3. Sorry for any confusion I might’ve caused:)


Yep I am at KMFR filing a flight plan to KPDX


So I signed up a couple days ago and still haven’t gotten anything from you guys so I was wondering if you didn’t get my application?