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I do want to

But the ranks bring my desire down
(If you want I could explain to both you and @alaskavirtualairline in a PM

Oh and also the aircraft(s) in the fleet as well


Wouldn’t mind if you’d PM me, I’d like to hear your thoughts. It’s just like every other VA’s ranking system. The least hours, the smallest planes.


We will he waiting! Hopefully you get it back soon! ;)


We would love for you to explain, we’ve sent a PM. It always helps to get constructive criticism on things people think we should change. Exited to see what you say! - ASVA Brayden


Remember, Mattheus from HR is watching.



So what I’m seeing right now is that you binge watch us? XD

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Now your really scaring me…

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Watches Intensely

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Alright then… im so creeped out

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Last Frontier Club! This is the exclusive club for our pilots! This is where you get some cool perks and even get your own slack workspace made just for the club! Here is the info.

Last Frontier Club

Introducing the Last Frontier Club! Try to join the club. All it takes is some passion! Can’t wait to see you get into the Last Frontier Club!!

Requirements to achieve Bronze
-20 Flights logged
-1 event attended

Rewards for Bronze
-Gets access to Last Frontier Club Chat
-Can lead 1 event on any week day
-bonus 1 hour flight time to any flight

Requirements for Silver
-40 Flights logged
-5 Events attended

Rewards for Silver
-Access to Last Frontier Club Chat
-3bonus flight hours on any flight
-Can lead 2 events on any week day

Requirements for Gold
-50 Flights logged
-10 events attended

Rewards for Gold
-Access to Last Frontier Club Chat
-Can lead 3 events in week days
-1.5X flight time on any flight of your choosing

Like it? Join and if you are dedicated! You can get these amazing perks!


I love these new clubs and different privileges for the VA. Keep at it guys.

-Dylan M (ASVA052)

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We sure will!

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From everyone from the Alaska Airlines VA, have a wonderful night… Much Love. <3


Our 1st Event on the IFC!

Join us on our inaugural event as we foy the 737-900 from Anchorage to Seattle! You’ll regret missing out! Sign up in this thread:

Apply Now!


I’d like to join which slack should I use?

Hey there Nathan. You can download the Slack Application from the IOS store. Also, you can apply onto our website here.

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Introducing the all new ‘Eskimo Monthly’ Newsletter. This is the inaugural edition of the newly running program that will highlight all major ASVA news, events, awards, and blogs. This month’s issue consist of an introductory message that sets the goals of what the ‘Eskimo Monthly’ strives to be.

Check out the ‘Real World Alaska’ section where writer Dylan M. breaks down fresh plans that ‘Alaska Airlines’ has in store in the coming months.

Take a look back at the first event between ‘American Airlines Virtual’ and ‘Alaska Airlines Virtual’!

This is newsletter is for you all, thank you for your patience.

With love,


Awesome! Im so happy by how it turned out!

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Your work is much appreciated Dylan. Congratulations. 💙💚

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