Alaska Virtual | Creating A Virtual Airline People Love


Yikes that makes me want to join😂


Come on! We have been waiting! ;) - ASVA Brayden


Check your recent applications:)


You’ve been invited! 🤫


That’s a lot of hard work. Props to you all!


Don’t forgot I am always watching. @Joseph007 #MattheusFromHRisAlwaysWatching


I joined chill!😂


Still watching anyway. My job is to make sure the company runs effecantly!


I’ve been good I promise!


I am watching you.
Don’t worry, I am joking. I just like to joke like that. I do want to take you up on a flight to get a feel for how you fly. I will then relate it to the head pilot for training purposes!


PM me and we can find a time! Preferably this weekend.


DM me on slack. I can talk later.



Introducing: Alaska Mode

What’s this new “mode” you may ask? Alaska Mode is our new Mode for ultra realism. Pilots can choose to do this or not. Pilots are restricted to hubs and have to fly in and out of their hubs. They have realistic perks as well. We are also working on something special. Where our pilot can get trained on 1 aircraft type and they are certified and end the end checkrided by our chief pilot. @Captain_Millz This allows for our pilot to simulate being a real life pilot in a real life scenerio. Isn’t that cool?

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Awesome stuff guys. The early growth of this new VA has been just incredible. Let’s get to 100 pilots, shall we?


Almost there! 10 more! 😉😜


The motto is definitely correct, everyone seems to love this VA!


Yep if y’all are questioning joining, don’t question anymore! Just join ASVA already!


I would join because I love this VA

One thing that is keeping me from joining is the ranking system and the routes database


The one thing keeping me is the fact I don’t have live. But when I do… I’ll be joining ASVA


Just do it, you know you want to.:)