Alaska Virtual | Creating A Virtual Airline People Love


Thank you so much! @AviationMad, we will be waiting! 😉


@alaskavirtualairline I was wondering if I can fill the spot for the Human Resources Manager? I have a lot of experience!


Sure thing! We liked you and are ready to talk!


Glad to see Alaska Virtual come onto the IFC stage!


Nice to see our friends at ASVA getting approval! We at VGVA look forward to working with you to further expand our partnership.


British Airways Virtual is proud to have already forged a strong partnership with ASVA, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for our two Virtual Airlines working together!


Great thread guys, congrats on approval :)


You should see their slack workspace…

So happy to have Alaska Virtual Back on IFC! Hope all of you the best


We are very much as well! Thank you!


Thank you! @BluePanda900


Likewise! We are extremely excited for our future as well!


Great thread!


Thank you! @anon93248082


Great thread y’all, hope to have fun working with y’all like said 👀


Thank you!


Last nights flash flight was a huge success! We had lots of fun flying from KPDX-KSEA!


I’m so happy to be apart of the team of a very responsible and professional VA that is really fun to be part of! I also love the routes because some other airlines don’t have the option of going through Alaska and seeing the scenery it has to offer. All in all I highly suggest it to anyone looking to be in a strong VA.


I see myself!


Just applied @alaskavirtualairline! Nice work on the thread! A very unique virtual airline with some cool routes!


Do you guys fly to Alaska or no? Maybe? Sometimes? Rarely? Does Alaska even exist?