Alaska/Virgin merger livery Boeing 737-900ER

I think this would be a great addition, 2 great carries and a special livery.


I hope you know this isn’t the official livery.


Right, but since it exists i would like to see it in IF.


Precious livery.

Nice livery red-pink-blue.

A very nice combo

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If this we had that would be amazing!

Wait those numbers…

Omg thats my favorite aircraft!! I flew this when it was its first flight!!! :D


You were on the maiden voyage?

Goodness me, too much red. You know AS is changing when they use a gradient, haven’t seen that from a traditionally more conservatively styled carrier before.

Yes :D it was a great aircraft (then) untill cabin resign (witch made it better)

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That’s great man! What are the odds of finding that aircraft on here? Pretty slim I’m sure.

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Odd lol (I never been on that aircraft for a wile and it was put in hanger around September)

Very nice 👍🏼

Did Alaska by Virgin or the other way around?

I hate that livery (no offense)

Yes alaska bought out virgin america but virgin america wont get a name change (for now)

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super cool actually

Love it!!! it looks so amazing!

It’s not the official livery. But I thought they would operate under their own livery like Lufthansa, Austrian, and Swiss.