Alaska To Retire All Airbus And Bombardier Aircraft By The End Of 2023

I get why they’re retiring the Airbuses, but why the Q400s? A lot of their short hop routes in Oregon and Washington wouldn’t really work with a 737 of any series if I say so myself.


Yay, now it’s back to all Boeing 💯 👌

I wondered what they were gonna do about those stickers.

I’m actually a little sad about the Dash 8’s though. I hope they continue flying and don’t get sent to the graveyard.

Any words on the E-Jets with Alaska Horizon?

Virgin america now is your time! Take back what was yours!

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Do you mean are they going to retire those? Becuase if so, no they are not. They are operated by Horizon so Alaska will be “all boeing”

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Ok gotch, that’s good that the E-Jets are staying


Honestly, what a shame. As far as I am concerned, Airbus is significantly better than Boeing. I always fly JetBlue in the US anyways, which is almost fully Airbus.

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Please don’t make everything A vs B…


I love the Dash-8’s, what’s gonna happen to them?

What’s gonna happen to all of those special liveries on them? The retro Horizon one, or all the university specials? Also what plane is gonna replace the Dash-8’s?

Sad cause Alaska / Horizon is probably the only larger operator in the US that still has any prop aircraft whatsoever. After the Dash-8’s are gone, what’s gonna be left? A few regionals here and there? I love the Dash-8’s, shame they’re leaving so soon.

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I think everyone expected the airbus fleet to go, the Q400s on the other hand is interesting. Are they going to axe some markets because even an e175 is too large for some of the routes the Q400s flew.

Horizon operates the Dash-8’s as well. If it’s only Alaska transitioning to all Boeing and not Horizon (since they’re keeping the E-175’s), would it be Horizon getting rid of the Dash-8’s or just Alaska?

(Sorry if that sounds confusing lol).

The Dash 8’s are going and the decision seems to be Alaska’s, but that means Horizon won’t operate them anymore. My guess is the E175s will stay with both Horizon and Skywest.

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Honestly saw this coming. The Airbuses are all the Virgin America planes. They already got rid of the A319s and had plans to replace the A320s with the 737s. That left the A321neo which at only a fleet of 10, would’ve left them with a very small subfleet of Airbus and at that point it just makes more sense to replace them, especially since they have all those MAX 9s coming and now the 60 MAX 10s which can easily replace the Neos on the routes Alaska was using them on.

As for the Dash’s, they seat the same number of passengers (76) as the E175s, so that makes sense. There may be issues on the shorter routes the Dash flies out of Seattle, mainly how economical it will be to fly a 175 on a short 20 minute flight on some of AS’s shorter routes, but I don’t think they’ll be too many issues.


Horizon is getting rid of their q400s and keeping e175s. None of those planes are operated by Alaska. Lemme know if that’s what your asking.

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It will be 💯% Airbus but once the E190s are all retired!!


Yeah that makes sense, thanks!

It never occured to me that they would retire their NEOs that early. I knew Alaska was trying toreturn to being an all-Boeing airline, but due to them being relatively new I didn’t expect them to retire the A321neo along with the older A320s.
Regarding their future, there is a high possibility that the NEOs will enter service with other airlines after 2023.

You basically summed up my feelings but I was too lazy to type them so thanks 😂 👌

Yeah I don’t want them to be retired, at least give them to whoever wants them

I’m gonna miss these two because they’re the colleges in Alaska



This better mean they put the special college liveries in place of the salmon livery on the 737

So sad😭
There a321neos are so young
And my favorite planes