Alaska To Retire All Airbus And Bombardier Aircraft By The End Of 2023

Alaska To Retire All Airbus And Bombardier Aircraft By The End Of 2023


Alaska will retire all of their Airbus A321s, A320s, and A319s by the end of 2023. This also comes with the announcement that they will be retiring all of their Q400 Jets as well.

“We’re well positioned to continue that trend, leveraging loyalty, alliances, network growth and our brand to unlock significant value and deliver $400 million of incremental revenue as part of our 2025 strategic plan. Accelerating our transition to single fleets while upgauging for growth is also a key part of that strategy”

This shift from Airbus was expected, as Alaska was originally all Boeing before the acquisition of Virgin America. Alaska did take their A320s temporary, but with the new arrival of the 737 MAX 9 and MAX 10s, they will have more than enough aircraft to fly on their existing routes.

Alaska says “The move is also “subject to agreement with counterparties,” which is to say that the carrier must negotiate the early termination of leases, currently slated to run through 2030.”


Typos I think…

IMO I think it’s a W that they’re retiring the Airbuses, but not the Dash-8s. What would replace those?


L Alaska Air


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Damn, A321neo’s being retired already? I hope those are sold so other airlines atleast.


Here’s the Hint lol. I guess someone is begging for it.

I think turboprops would fit better.

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Common Alaska Airlines L


They might as well just move to an all Cessna 172 fleet at this point. Airbus > Boeing


Well Boeing is better anyways… still weird to see neos being retired


Good thing I’m flying on the Q400s while I can!



Q400 jets

Please guys…

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Boeing ftw!


Saying that Delta and American have a ton on order They’ll probably be given to those to airlines

I’m pretty sure American will get the retired NEOs, pretty sad to see them go tho, I love the MTL livery on it

I was expecting this, but I wasn’t expecting this to happen so soon. I thought they would at least keep their airbus fleet for another 8 years.

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the points guy article mentions that there is no retirement / getting rid of the Neos yet. So saying retiring all Airbus aircraft is a bit of a stretch

No it says that “although it had not announced its intentions for the leased A321neo fleet.” which means that they had said they were going to retire the ceos in the past but not until now did they say anything about neos. They are all going now

This has been in the works for months, years even. It is a little sad seeing such young NEOs being retired, but it happens.

Alaska Airlines has 100+ 737 MAX 9s on order with 60 737 MAX 10s and 15 737 MAX 8s.

These MAX 8s will more than likely replace the A320ceos and the MAX 10s will replace the A321neos.

Alaska Airlines has been an All Boeing Mainline fleet, and they can keep it that way because of the deals they strike with Boeing.

I am happy they are shifting back to all Boeing!


Sad to see that the already minimal remains of the Virgin America merger will be nothing but a memory now