Alaska to Colorado

Flight Information:

Departure City: Anchorage (PANC)
Arrival City: Denver (KDEN)
Aircraft: Boeing 757-224 (N21108)
Flight Time: 4 hours, 9 minutes
Cruising Altitude: 39,000 feet
Server: Expert
Early in the morning at Ted Stevens International as the aircraft is prepped for the flight to Denver

Sunrise just beginning over the mountains of Alaska

Cabin view just north of Juneau

Sun continues to rise somewhere over British Columbia

Over @United403 Land, preparing for our arrival

Coming down over a cloudy Colorado (too cloudy to spot @Cole_Woodard in Fort Collins)

All set up for a very low visibility landing in Denver

Catching our first glimpse of the runway (no lizard people sighted)

Despite the poor visibility, the landing was butter 😎

Parking at the gate with a company 777 photobombing


Nice shots and flight!

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Thanks! I’d highly recommend doing this flight. In real life, it’s done in a MAX, but since we don’t have it, I decided to take the 757 out for a spin. Could have done a 737-800/900 too.


Don’t worry and yes this flight is having some astonishing sceneries

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alaska has beautifull scenery its just to bad that most of the state is just flat -_-

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Wow! Amazing.

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