Alaska Starliner Livery

Reading about some old liveries of US airlines and remembered this beauty:

Not my photo.

So gorgeous. Thoughts?


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That’s the spirit…

Take that fuel efficiency!


Always did like the cowling shape of the nacelles! Alaskan Aviators are a special breed.

I like this livery but like the United 737-900 retro continental

That’s another beautiful one

I actually see that exact jet land atleast 2 times a week

You are a lucky man (Or woman) :).

Lol I’m a man and thank you

You would be surprised at the jets that land here in Panc

I love pretty much all retro liveries, I’ve only ever seen the LOT E170 retro and Aer Lingus a320, (though I see the Aer Lingus Retro livery about once a month)

Sometimes, retro liveries look a bt awkward on planes (US Airways’ A319 retrojets) but most look amazing and I love the appreciation airlines give to their history.

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I’ve seen this plane come into KSNA before, nice retro look.

Maybe you want a 737-200…