Alaska SF Giants livery

I found this livery on FR24 today. I’ve never seen it before. Is it new?

Have any of you seen this before?


That’s an A321 isn’t it? Finally they expanding!!


It looks like DNA to me.

Yeah it’s an A321, reg N942VA

Is that the Golden Gate Bridge painted on it? Looks Cool thought!

#VeryHappy glad to see ASA expanding more into Airbus!

Considering its an A321neo, id say its pretty new. Delivered last January


They got 320/321 in the merger with virgin america

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I know that but I haven’t seen any information on airbus and the Alaska livery

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Love the 321 though, it is a super beutifull aircraft, I do like how airbuses are more rounded…

Where did Chester go? Livery looks bland without him

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This is the new Alaska Airlines A321neo which was originally an order for Virgin America. It’s a cool livery representing the San Fran Giants but I wish there was something cool on the tail.

This is the second (or third) special livery for Alaska/Virgin that has nothing on the tail.


Looks kinda nice…but then also kinda plain tbh. It would have looked amazing with some Alaskan Airlines themes on the aircraft and a tail logo.

@MisterButler and @AllegiantAir I agree, quite bland.

@Captain_JR I thought it was DNA, but it does look like the golden bridge.

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