Alaska Scenery

when will Alaska scenery be updated and why is it flat


Hey there, here is a little explaining why Alaska has no terrain. Flying North Of 60
I hope that’s help
Stay Safe!

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Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. I’ve read the article listed above, but that was almost three years ago. I was wondering if there’s any update on progress.

As a 16 year Alaskan (and one forever at heart), I’d love to see my frozen home in three dimensions.

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I wondered the same thing, I guess there isn’t any active plan to have terrain variation up in the north.

I imagine there would be 2 options to solve it:

  1. Wait for another SRTM-esque terrain data pack that includes all latitudes, which I would guess would require a new mission from NASA, if they even bother

  2. Use another data pack that covers all lines of latitude at a good quality, which I’m not certain on whether that exists currently. Plus, whether the dev team would be able to implement an entire new terrain system in place of one that IF already relies on definitely poses a major development challenge. Likely, most airports, especially those over 60°N/S, would need some tweaking by the appropriate people, which would also mean a slew of potentially unusable airports.

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