Alaska San Francisco A321neo livery

Couldn’t find this yet, let me know if it is a duplicate, trust me I searched for it though.

The livery was created after Alaska became the official airline of the Giants, and as many say an attempt to win over their newly acquired SFO market. Love this livery, and love the A321, so here are some pictures,

A less clear picture I took of it over the Lincoln Monument

One picture per request please! Just so you know. 👍🏻 😉


I would use the second picture rather then the first one… Although from the recent addition of the Sea Hawks 747, those in the bay area might enjoy this.

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Yes, sorry I just realized that, when ever you are putting them in the images are so small, O chose the one I though was it, and chose wrong… :(


Is it Ok how I changed it? Or should I remove it all together?

I still believe that one picture can stay. The other shot you took I would put in a #real-world-aviation:spotting topic

This the Airbus A321neo

Look at the engines.

Edit: just looked up the Aircraft registration and it is the A321neo.

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Looks strange with the plain white tail.


Hey, excuse my ignorance, but what is fundamentally changing with the neo’s versions of Airbus ?

neo stands for New Engine Option. The neo line of aircraft offered by Airbus have updated engines (on both the A320 family, and the new A330neo).


I personally love it with the white tail. I’m gonna vote

🤢🤢🤮🤮 why is it soooo bland? Where’s our buddy Chester


The white tail matches the base of the aircraft :),

This would be an amazing livery to fly out of SFO