Alaska’s Shortest Flight

History of the Route

Alaska Airlines operates the short 30 mile hop from Wrangell to Petersburg in a 737. It is indeed Alaska’s shortest flight, and is a part of their short “Hop” flights in which they perform short flights between small Alaskan cities, such as Wrangell, that were previously hard to connect.
Overall, it helps civilians get between the two cities very easily.

Distance: 28 Nautical Miles (30 miles)
Server: Expert
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Time: 2020-04-23T23:00:00Z2020-04-23T23:12:00Z
Cruising Altitude: 3000FT

Takeoff from Wrangell, Alaska

Cruising near the mountains of Alaska

Turning final for Runway 23 at Petersburg Airport

On short final

Seconds before Touchdown

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Nice pictures!


Heyyyy I almost flew this route today, cool shots!

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Nice shots! Did you have a cruising altitude?

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3000 feet!

Its a beautiful place!

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Indeed, the mountains are quite beautiful!

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1st picture: Attn passangers you have accidentally stepped into a rocket 🚀

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Short flight in Alaska = awesome scenery. Nice photos!

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These flights are really cool, especially when you just manually fly it through all the way. Great pictures too, thanks for sharing!

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