Alaska, more to love/ PANC-PHTO

Today I decided to fly from Anchorage to Hawaii on the Alaskan 737-900 while I was at work. I recently saw a video from Jeb brooks where I discovered that Alaskan airlines fly from anchorage to Hawaii so I decided to give it a go! I departed anchorage with a short taxi to runway 33 at 17:35 and arrived 5 hours and 40 mins later in Hilo with a foggy arrival into runway 26. I hope you enjoy looking at these screenshots of my flight

Expert server PANC-PHTO 5hr 40min

Pushback on time from anchorage

Departing Runway 33 with some nice conditions

Leaving the coast of Alaska to begin the lonely flight across the pacific

Reached a final cruising altitude of 36,000 feet

Lots of cloud but the islands are in sight

Touchdown at Hilo!

A rather smooth landing with is not normal for me

Engines off and ground equipment in action

The awesome new ground vehicles and air bridge are a really good feature I love using

Thanks for viewing my post I hope you liked the screenshots please let me know what I can do next time!


Nice pictures!!

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Thank you!

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Amazing! What a great plane

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Thanks 🙏🏽, I really love this aircraft and the livery

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