Alaska Horizon Dash 8 Q-400 (American Football Liveries)

Hello everyone,
Horizon Air has a bunch of aircraft with unique liveries for North Western College football teams. These liveries are all really unique and I think adding some of them would be a great addition to Infinite Flight. Here is one from Montana State University:

Not my photo

  • I would love this!
  • I don’t care
  • This is a stupid Idea

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What do people think?


Really nice livery, by the way what are those circles?

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I don’t know, I saw those earlier.

Cool livery!

probably exhaust?

Great livery

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I just searched it, it’s the vortex of the Q400.


thanks mate

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Not to be rude or anything but that livery looks awful


Love Alaskan, love the Q400, love this.

The yellow looks awful!

@nicochile2 @Louis
Thats why you should choose the “This is a stupid Idea” option.

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We need one with the Bulldogs!

This is why I hate polls… :/

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@Gavrilo. “Vortex”… Good Job! Max

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thank you!

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It should even be their main livery! Amazing plane! I love these Q400 special liveries

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I really want to see this!

I think we need all Horizon’s special liveries.