Alaska/Horizon air Q400 2017 livery

Well as this is a request but also a sorta link to my other post referred here: Alaska/Horizon 2017 Q400 livery

Ok let’s start, well I like how it looks (refer to Photo) and it’s being released and November. It will be candy to some people’s eyes but that’s might just be me. I am requesting and waiting for people to slack me and tell me about how they have no time but I will still try to get this beautiful aircraft livery on IF
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(The official fleet paper)

Looks nice, I’d love to have it in IF. ;)


It would be nice to see the new livery get added to the 737 as well.


I want it in IF, it looks nice

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Yes Yes Yes! The Alaska Horizon Q400 is my all time favorite aircraft! I’m soooo excited that they are painting it in the new livery. Beautiful! Has my vote;-)


Besides Southwest, The Q400 is my favorite aircraft with the Alaska (Horizon) Livery.


This is a need for IF. Beautiful and very modern looking livery. You got my vote! I am riding the Alaska 737-800 up to PDX from LAX October 20 and the 737-900 back to LAX from PDX October 24. I will most likely be on this new livery and seeing it implemented to Infinite Flight would be spectacular! This is a must!!!


Just a new fresh paint!
Photo taken from my horizon freind Cooper!


Beautiful! Makes my favorite plane look even better!

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Wow! That’s us now my favorite livery for the Dash 8!

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This would be a great livery to have.

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I don’t really like the new livery of Alaska airlines

Would be great to see the new livery on the dash 8. I’m a big fan of the blue, it looks nice.

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That livery is just stunning! Better than the Air Canada livery, so this is now my favorite on the Q. :)


I’m surprised more people haven’t voted for this. I think it’s kinda unfair to Boeing people that they didn’t add it to the 737 and Q400 even through the Q400 isn’t Boeing. 😏😏

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Well I
Horizon air is still an existent name and will never end up like Virgin America

The tail number of the Alaska Q400 in the sim is N447QX. In real life, N447QX has the new livery. This also now has the same number of votes as the A320 did.


Would be great to see this, except I’m out of votes. Maybe I’ll vote for this in the future :)


It have to be the Best looking dash-8


With so much that do not forget of the 737 also, this will gain a new route in my trips :D