Alaska FX-3 Raffle Cub Flight!

This livery should seriously make it in to Infinite Flight, it’s already on MSFS and X-plane!

Just got to fly this badass $360k FX-3 plane before it gets raffled off this next weekend at the Great Alaska Aviation Gathering hosted by the Alaska Airmen’s Association (they also funded this Raffle Cub too)! Definitely a flight I will never forget! (Also got a beautiful Grumman Wigeon in the the background.)

Should this Livery (with 3-bladed prop) be added to Infinite Flight?
  • YES
  • NO

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That’s so cool! The livery is straight 🔥

I miss this 😭

WOW. Ain’t that one of the most interesting Cub paints I’ve seen… 😱

Wow! Thats a sick livery!

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