Alaska E175 Shot

So I just did a flight with @Butter575 and @United403 on the Alaskan E175 and I got a really cool shot hope you like it!!!

Rate it 1-10
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I’d give it an 11/10

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Thank you so much

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I challenge Carson!! I give it 12/10


I challenge you back! 13/10!

What about 20/10?


How about 2.5 trillion/10

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Nice, I think that it could use a little bit of work on the lighting, but I think it’s a pretty good shot of the E175.

Very good photo 10/10


How about ♾️/10

Whoa whoa I appreciate it lots

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@Carson_Byrnes I say ♾️ multiplied ♾️♾️

Well then @United403 ♾️/10 x ♾️♾️♾️♾️♾️♾️

10/10 the mountain is a very fitting and dramatic backdrop

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1/10, doesn’t look like a mobile sim

Yes it does

(directed at me or you depending on what your reply means, I am a lil confused)

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Your comment came off a little rude and I said it does look like a simulator but idk

Oh well, I meant it as a compliment and thought you thought I implied it wasn’t IF and tried to convince me that it is one