Alaska Brand New UNCF Livery 737

Hello, IFC!

This feature request is for a new Alaska 737 livery!

This livery is in support of UNCF and has just been painted on N492AS.

(Ingrid Barrentine)

What is UNCF?

I believe having this livery in IF is a great way to show support to UNCF and ngl its a very nice livery :)

Not much to say yet about this livery as it is brand new (a few hours old) but I will be regularly updating this topic with better pictures and new info!

Thank you!


Ooh, I kinda like the contrast of orange on black. Don’t have any votes, but this would be a cool livery to see later on :)

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Thank you so much! I also like the contrast :)

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Omg yes

This would be great!
I first learned about this in history class and would be cool to spark peoples curiosity about this wonderful program.

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I 100% Agree :D

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Now that is a livery I can get behind

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It has just officially been announced by Alaska Airlines!

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Would love it! Might get a vote for it later

Thanks! (out of likes)

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