Alaska|Barrow-Anchorage|737 "More to Love"

1) Middle of Northern Alaska, starting to reach Southern Part. The sun starts to arise up for more light, more light than Northern Alaska.

2) Barrow-Anchorage(I think everybody has done this before)|Alaska 737-900 “More to Love”|Expert Server



nice. epic.

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I kinda agree. The sunset is nice, but the sky looks a bit odd. It would also be nice to see a bit more of the plane.

Other than that, nice job! Good to see Alaska getting some love.

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Looks like Jupiter is about to collide


The end of earth as we know it 😭

BaRrOw? dO yOu MeAn UtQiAgViK?!?!?!! Jokes aside, great picture!! I think this the first time I see someone go to Utqiagvik(Barrow), Alaska.

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Yeah, I know it is named that, but “Barrow” seems more recognized.

This looks a bit too over edited in my opinion.
Maybe keep it more original and it would look much better!


Don’t remind me

Nice! But a tad bit over edited.

Very cool though!

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That’s nice! Could have went a little less overboard but it’s good. I did this flight a couple years ago too!

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I was bored. :D

That’s because It was first called Barrow, but 3 years ago, they changed it to it’s traditional name, Utqiagvik for some reason.

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