Alaska B737-800 - Captain Marvel Livery

Today I am requesting Alaska‘s B737-800 Captain Marvel Livery.

Why this Livery?

I think we need more Alaska Liveries for the -800 and it looks amazing. It would also be fun to fly.

This Photo is owned by Alaska. You see more of their awesome Liveries on their website above.

About the Airline

I hope some of you agree with me ;)

Happy flying,

Pilot M

This plane was already repainted in the new livery just so you know

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This is a cool livery, however probably won’t be added due to copyright issues.

Wow. So I guess they only ran it during the stint that Captain Marvel was in theaters. And just like @Will_A said, @Pilot_M, Disney has copyrighted everything so I would not expect to see this in the game

Closed at the request of the OP