Alaska and Oneworld?

oooh i hope to see that happen!

Imagine an Alaska Oneworld livery 🤤


Imagine having an Alaska One World livery. 😍


Looks like an interesting choice, but it sure is good to fly Alaska as an codeshare for BAVA ;)

I can see that happening. Would be pretty neat to see :)

It’s a great thing for those who often fly OneWorld or even have a status with them. Great move to deepen the partnership with American as well.

Would have loved to see Alaska in Star Alliance, as their service level fits, but with United being in the Star Alliance and having the direct competition with Alaska at SFO, this is the most reasonable decision.

Thanks for breaking the news!

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Anytime! Glad you got a good read!

I do agree that it would’ve been nice to see Alaska in Star Alliance, however with United, like you said, that would’ve been an issue.

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Absolutely. I wonder if ASVA and BAVA are already in talks 🤔.

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I think they’re already doing it

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They are, I have already flown a codeshare

Ahhh, good to know. Glad to hear!

Any recent news on this?

They have a dedicated Oneworld page

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Things keep getting better and better for Alaska!


They’re expanding nicely, but this is negatively affecting American’s network in a way.

Los Angeles is somewhat becoming the old New York JFK for American… tons of route cuts and just focusing on high demand destinations with a few leisure routes.

Alaska will be “taking over” American’s LAX to Medford, Redmond, Fresno, and Eugene routes in the coming months.

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Hmmm. Now I wonder how American feels about Alaska entering their alliance. Things might get intense between the airlines.

It’s intentional, American invited Alaska to join Oneworld.

They’re much stronger partners now than years before the Alaska/Virgin American merger, so they’re modifying their route networks on the west coast.

American dropping six routes and “transferring” four to Alaska won’t make much of a difference for American’s passengers because they can book the Alaska flights through codeshare.

I guess if American was losing money on those routes, they think Alaska will do better.

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There is a new announcement, it is confirmed!
Alaska WILL join OneWorld in March of 2021


Oooo. This will be interesting. That’s 10 days after my birthday too. 👀

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