Alaska and Jet Blue Virtual Airlines

Alaska and Jet blue airline will be coming soon and are looking for pilots and administration

Jetblue is claimed:

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This airline has been remade here is the new jet blue link we are just taking applications as we are still getting legal work out with jet blue will keep updates on blog.

This is necroposting. You’ve got to know this by now. Come on dude. Also I’m 99% positive this VA won’t work because JetBlue does not like their airline name being used in ways like this.


Yes I am in contact with all those people were only taking registration no father has been done thanks for looking out

Their marketing department is assessing the idea

Just get permission for a new va thread. It’s clear you guys weren’t active neough to keep this one going to simply restructure in another thread, just necroposting after a yearmakes you guys look not as good.


Yes Thank you I was just adding it here to be helpful:)