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Hello! Welcome here ASVA! We just found out that 439AS is back in service, but we are still unsure if it is still in MTL livery. Lets stay tuned for now!

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Looking at N493AS’s schedule, it is possible I may be able to see if it’s still wielding the MTL livery

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My Alaska F/O contact doesn’t know, but he has a friend (also an Alaska pilot) who’s may fly it on Friday, but he’s not 100% sure.

when I last checked a few of its upcoming flights regularly fly over me so whichever of those come first I suppose

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I saw this beautiful plane just days before it went to GSO a month ago. It was sunset, and I saw it from the ground at 10,000 feet, reflecting the beautiful sun and casting a red glow on a nearby cloud. Beautiful plane ❤️❤️❤️

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I’ve got a pretty nice model of it, actually.

I do hope it stays.


I might be able to catch a glimpse of it departing SEA on the 11th. Stay tuned…

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Bruh what…

If you don’t catch it, I have 3 opportunities tomorrow to attempt to catch it

That could change if thunderstorms spring up and make them vector all around

Location reveal 👀?

Anywhere in between Seattle and San Fran
or whatever my profile says



Anyways, back on topic. Does the A321neo with the MTL livery still exist, or has it been sold off?

Medford, OR

As far as I know Alaska hasn’t shed a single A21N yet

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I know they’re planning to though.

It still exists but with a white nose cone.

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Yeah, come October

I keep trying to see the A21Ns of theirs go by but they’re always something preventing me - but I do keep tabs on the fleet

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It’s a cool place.

can i see a picture?