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Recently on the 19th of July, N439AS commonly known as the original More To Love livery plane on the 737-990ER has landed in Greensboro with no more planned flights as of now. FlightRadar24 on mobile seems to list the aircraft in the normal Boeing house livery. Originally unveiled in 2016 during the merger between Alaska and Virgin America the aircraft had symbolized both airlines until the merger completed, where the Alaska + Virgin America text on the engines had been changed to just Alaska. Now, only the A321neo aircrafts wear the More to Love livery.

Last known photo of N439AS in the More to Love livery. Courtesy of Russell Hill on Jetphotos. Link to original imagery: N493AS | Boeing 737-990ER | Alaska Airlines | Russell Hill | JetPhotos

As more to love is a symbol of US aviation history in 2019, man who enjoy this livery will miss it. I certainly will as this was the first Alaska special livery I spotted or even saw.

In the future or sometime this thread may become an Alaska Airlines repainting thread once they start to move or add new liveries to newer aircraft, so I will keep this topic active if any new AS Livery news arrives.

Updates on this thread:

After confirmation that N493AS was indeed not repainted, this topic thread has been converted into a topic for Alaska Airlines news and updates. Updates will be posted via replies.
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Alaska has been on a streak lately of disappointing the hell out of the Aviation community by repainting every one of it’s special liveries. The only exception are the promotional liveries they have for like two months before making them disappear faster than my father’s approval.


And they’ll be gone in October 😭

My dad was a Virgin American pilot before they got bought by Alaska.

my dad flew the more to love a321

Alaska milked the goodwill from the Virgin America name, now executives are gonna write it out of history. And so it goes.


Aren’t they going to be retiring their A321neo’s soon? I wish I got to fly on one when. Now we only got Boeing for now…

Well and Embraer


I agree. Alaska repaint them too often. The thing though is that they have very little special liveries for some reason. They should have kept the Salmon Thirty a thing.

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They are starting to piss me off…


Reclaims the ‘Proudly all Boeing’ Sticker


The most recently uploaded picture of N493AS in the ‘More to Love’ livery on Jetphotos courtesy of Matheus Lima: N493AS | Boeing 737-990ER | Alaska Airlines | Matheus Lima | JetPhotos

We are waiting to find news of N493AS in a possible new livery or if it is retired. It may also be possible that it is simply getting a new coat of paint for the current livery.

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More news coming soon, please stand by.

According to website listed below, it is confirmed that N493AS is not being repainted and is simply under maintenance at GSO. This thread will be kept opened for any other Alaska repaints.
Source: 737-900, -900ER - Alaska Airlines Fleet Status

As unfortunate as the More-To-Love Livery is going away, Alaska Airlines (AKL) actually did return the legendary “Salmon-Thirty-Salmon” with a redesigned livery! Have a look for yourselves: Picture from


I know a former captain at Alaska who’s son is a F/O for them. I can ask and see if he knows anything.

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737 or Airbus?

737 MAX, though he also does NG flights.

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Oh nice. I wonder if my dad knows him somehow.

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Maybe. He worked for American on the E-jets for a while before moving to Alaska.

Oh, my dad flew the CRJ at ASA a long time ago.

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The flight my dad took home was on the CRJ-700, and he said he’s been the pilot of that same plane a very long time ago.

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