Alaska Airlines Unveils New Cabin

Alaska Airlines has released mock-ups of their new cabins, that will be installed on their airbus fleet, their 737-700’s, and their 737 MAX 9’s that will be arriving soon.

These will have the new “Premium” seats, and will feature the ever so more popular half cabin dividers in between premium and economy seats.
Economy seats will feature tablet holders, and charging outlets.
They expect 36% of their fleet to be fitted with these new cabins by early 2020.

What are your positive thoughts on this?


Really annoyed with these airlines removing in seat entertainment, one of my favorite things to do on a plane. :(


Can’t blame ‘em though, it’s expensive, outdated, and most don’t operate outside the country of origin…
So, it’s hard for the airlines

It actually looks very nice! Excited to see this design roll out in the upcoming years.

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They all make excuses for this including AA and United, they claim that people are happy with using your own device or they claim that no one uses the IFE but this is not true. Delta knows this and caters to the needs of customers and so have many other airlines abroad. It’s cost cutting, plus this new cabin on the Airbus Aircraft has Inceeased the amount of seats so it was not as good as Virgin America ever was.


So they are just doing what United and American are doing? Nice

This might be me, but it kinda looks like the new refreshed jetBlue economy seats. (Take out the IFE).

The overall design of the economy seats almost looks the same, with some little differences. Just me, though.

(Obviously the seats have their key differences)

But, they generally look very similar in design.

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I definitely agree! Sadly it’s becoming a trend. Sometimes the BYOD doesn’t even work. That’s why you fly Delta 😎.

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Maybe it’s just Canada
Bell is expensive
The service doesn’t operate out of Canada

(Don’t forget jetBlue) ;)

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Hold up hold up

I didn’t make this thread so you guys could rant about the IFE and how delta is better
This thread is meant to be about Alaska Airlines here.

If you guys want to do that there are PM’s. Thanks!


Sorry about that sir!

Coming back to the topic, those premium economy seats look really nice. Fancy seatbelt btw! lol


Wow, umm, very, umm, thoughtful lol

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I like the way you literally noticed one of the smallest details of the seat. 😂

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36%, very precise!

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Well there is a saying “old is gold”.
I am sure enough the people won’t be satisfied with this because first of all you are telling passengers to use the their own device which is fine but what about the battery back up. We don’t expect people to be carrying 2-3 power banks at a time .

They could have done one thing , providing universal Power outlets for each seat. I mean they could do it …but depends on them.

They are adding power outlets at the seats…

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