Alaska Airlines Trip Report: A320 bulkhead vs B737 bulkhead

It’s that time of year again! Another trip report that I’ll probably spend a few hours woking on is finally here!

So I’ll be grading just like my Southwest Airlines trip report (SWA report)

FLIGHT 1: (KLAX-KPDX): Alaska Flight 1600 July 1st, 2018 10:00 AM

I’ll be on the Airbus A320, it’s still in it’s Virgin America paint, but it’ll do the job

I got to sit in seat 3A, which was a window seat on the left side of the plane. It’s a bulkhead seat, so I had a lot of legroom.

Since Virgin America was famous for their PTV’s Alaska hasn’t removed them. The only got rid of the live tv section.

(PTV with map):

I also really love that they kept the mood lighting, which is a plus in my book!

So as we begin to taxi to the runway, I notice that they play a very familiar safety video…

It was of course the famous Virgin America safety/music video (Here’s a link: Best Safety Video Ever) The worse news of it all, is that last night the safety video has been stopped. It’ll last forever in our hearts!

As we were taxiing I found an Air Canada Boeing 737 MAX 8:

After a mostly smooth flight we began to descend into KPDX!

So, after a nice flight and landing. Let’s tally it all up!

Food Service: 4
Expensive food, but was worth it. Really not a lot to eat when you’re on an under two hour flight.

Staff: 4
Staff was very friendly, but seemed to be in a little more of a rush and a tad bit more careless. Never the less, they had good hospitality.

In Flight Entertainment: 5
WOW! They have 100’s of hours of movies, tv shows, and even music! Not to mention the very cool map, and ordering systems. Probably one of the best selections on an airline.

Leg Room: 5
I didn’t have this on my Southwest report until the end, but the leg room was just great! I could stretch my legs out very far, which helped me stay more comfortable.

Overall Rating: 4.5
Okay, okay. Let me be honest with you guys. This is one of the best airlines in the North American Continent. While it’s not cheap, if you have a few spare dollars around, I would 100% recommend this airline!

FLIGHT 2: (KPDX-KLAX): Alaska Flight 358 August 1st, 2018

An aircraft that almost never flies in the lower 48. The rarest Alaska Airlines plane to be seen in the mainland. It’s the Boeing 737-700.

That’s right, I was on the Boeing 737-700, which for some reason decided to come on down and fly me to Los Angeles.

Anyways, let’s get into the pictures:

Spotting a Southwest 737-700:

Even more legroom:

The weird looking Alaskan themed bulkhead:

On this flight I’m in seat 6A, which is basically the same exact seat I was in when I flew to KPDX. It’s a premium economy seat too.

A taste of Downtown LA:

Okay, now with the overalls:

Food Service: 3
The menu really didn’t have much on it sadly, but the food was good overall.

Staff: 4
As per usual, the staff was nice and I felt welcomed on board.

In Flight Entertainment: 3
Yeah, since the Boeing 737-700 doesn’t have built in tv’s, instead I payed eight dollars for the WiFi, which worked 100% (this is rare on Alaska Airlines flights).

Legroom: 5
Wow! This was the best legroom I’ve had since the Air Tran days! Amazing.

Overall Rating: 3.75
I was on a much older aircraft, so this rating is understandable. I still love this airline!

I thank you all for reading my report, and if you have any comments about Alaska/Virgin America flights you’ve been on, feel free to comment them below!


Great post and a solid in depth review.

Also appreciate the formatting and consistency.

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Flew with Virgin America a few days ago, the best short haul experience I have ever had by a mile

Well, it’s not Virgin America. It’s now Alaska Airlines in the Virgin America paint.

It’s “technically” is but it is mostly all the same

Alaska is scheduled to retrofit the A320 cabins with new seats quite soon eliminating PTV’s but introducing a holder for your Tablet. I flew on Alaska, there older aircraft are well, pretty bad. At least they are retiring them soon.

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Except they got rid of the live tv :(

First world Problems.

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Yeah, I’m furious about that. I’m right now on an A320 with the Virgin livery. But, like that makes me sad.

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