Alaska Airlines Tracking Thread

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Many people consider Alaska Airlines as “that one airline”. In other words, it doesn’t have a bad reputation within the airline industry, but it is also not the most talked about airline within the industry, which concludes me to believe many people on the forums do not know much about Alaska Airines. With that being said, I’d love to show you everything about Alaska Airlines here, instead of you scrambling to search for stuff about it :-).

Currently in service


Alaska Airlines A319-100 (Transferred from Virgin America). 10 in service.

Alaska Airlines A320-200. 53 in service.


Alaska Airlines A321neo. 6 in service.

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-700. 11 in service.

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800. 61 in service.


Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900. 12 in service.

As you can see, this is only showing the aircrafts in Alaska Airlines fleet. This is because I am a human being who needs to sleep. This tracking thread will be completed sometime this week, leading into this weekend. It will include future aircrafts, routes, and much more. Hopefully you learn something from this :-)


I hate to be a spoiler but,

if you want to find out more about Alaska’s fleet you could just visit their website, all information is provided.


Even Wikipedia have quite a lot about their fleet.

I think you got your numbers mixed up some where… I checked FR24 and they have 30+ active 737-900’s right now. But anyways I like this thread 😊

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Or you could have it all displayed right here…

Will update it as soon as possible. Thank you.

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It’s also all displayed on their website?

Virtual airlines have official threads with all the information that they have on their website. Why not have airline threads on here that have the information displayed on their website?

Virtual Airlines are not affiliated with any real airlines, they can go off and do their own thing.

While here you basically just posting everything on Alaska’ website to a Infinite Flight Community thread.

I see the point of view you are coming from. YOU may not benefit from this, but I do believe other people will, which is why I made this. Yes everything is on the internet somewhere, but many people may not be familiar with Alaska Airlines, and will most likely learn some hand dandy facts from this.

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I too see your point, it maybe benefiting to others for not for me.

Also I’m sure much more people are familiar about Alaska Airlines then you think. There ranked one of the largest airlines in the United States, and the 36th according to Skytrax.

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I was hoping my main audience would be people outside the US haha.

Thanks for understanding. It’s always good to see what other people’s views are about a topic. Have a good night.

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I can’t wait to fly them!
I finally had bad customer service with them recently. Kinda blew my mind lol

I sort of don’t see the point of this thread. A similar topic could be made for each airline… or we could search up the fleet on Planespotters. It’s kept very up to date (the last fleet update for Alaska Airlines was March 29).

I would love if Alaskan got some long range aircraft. An a350 would be AMAZING;;

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