Alaska Airlines To Be Inducted To OneWorld Today - Ceremony Starts At 1PM EST

i’ve checked before hand and this is what i’ve gotten

i’ve also went through JP and scrolled a fair amount

Yes, because the plane was just painted today so no one has any good pictures of it

well im going to WAIT.

ill try to wait

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I am gonna miss the livery that was on N487AS

Beautiful Livery. Gonna make a feature request if anyone hasn’t already. No high quality images though

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Made the feature request, dont know if you’ll vote

Welcome Alaska! The official Induction Ceremony starts at 2021-03-31T17:00:00Z. More information will soon be provided as to where this will be live streamed! For now, Alaska is officially a member on the OneWorld website!


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Here’s another good pic of the OneWorld 739 image

a very small one, i wont be able to re-trace this one

I don’t think you will. It was sent out internally to I’m assuming Alaska employees.

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Well im going to wait MORE.

Welcome to One world Alaska Air!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now official.||20210331_ow||-prodID:Awareness

HD images coming in

From @AeronewsGlobal


Alaska Airlines is now part of OneWorld!!

Bit unrelated but still apart of the ceremony:

Alaska’s safety dance, but Oneworld version.

And here’s the HD version of the Oneworld livery:


First off, thank you for getting the safety dance song stuck in my head again. Secondly, while that video is corny, that is the best welcome message ever.

Here’s the video about it. Message from Alaska’s CEO, plus a bunch of OW airlines CEOs/presidents. Also includes nice clean shots of the plane being repainted into the OW livery