Alaska Airlines To Be Inducted To OneWorld Today - Ceremony Starts At 1PM EST

Alaska Airlines To Be Inducted To OneWorld Today - Ceremony Starts At 2021-03-31T17:00:00Z

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Alaska his to become part of oneworld today! The planes now have the official oneworld stickers on them. The airline calls the transfer to the OneWorld alliance a “pivotal movement.”

“Every airline has pivotal moments in its history. Decisions that are made for future success and stability, and to provide increased service and a better travel experience for its customers. one world offers us those opportunities. We are officially joining a family with some of the best airlines in the world. The possibilities are tremendous.”

The following will be the new OneWorld route map:

It will be important for the alliance to expand to Seattle and the west coast, as American has more of an East Coast hub (only 1 on the west coast: LAX)


This is going to be huge!

Now America has two One World carriers. Yay.


I saw the logo when I boarded my plane last week. I can’t wait to take advantage of all the opportunities this opens up for me and my mom as frequent Alaska Airlines flyers!

Can’t wait for the OneWorld livery!
Hopefully it’s an -800

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I can’t wait!!! I live in Charlotte, NC which is the second-largest American hub. I am a spotter here and I’m hoping that we can get some Alaska flights to CLT. But American keeps bulldozing offers from other airlines to come here so that might not happen. But we are in a 7 year 6 billion dollar expansion so maybe once that is over we can get some taste of Alaska.

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Letsss gooo! Cannot wait until they are officially apart of the OneWorld family!!

-900ER, N487AS. Leaving Victorville tonight and will fly Seattle to San Francisco to Boston tomorrow.

They’ll probably paint more Oneworld liveries though.


@iTripReport Goddamn thats amazing!


That looks really good!

We don’t get -900s at SNA

Is it possible we get a higher quality image?

Is that confirmed or a photoshopped idea?


if i get a good quality image i WILL trace it

It’s very much confirmed…I don’t see a reason for why it would be photoshopped

The registration is N487AS

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Hope they put the livery on one of their MAX-9s!

i’ve checked before hand and this is what i’ve gotten

i’ve also went through JP and scrolled a fair amount

Yes, because the plane was just painted today so no one has any good pictures of it