Alaska Airlines ‘Spirit of the Islands’ 737-800

It’s better than nothing! Back on topic now! Look at this plane!


I think this would look great on the flight to and from Hawaii

@JacksonAviation Where is the image credit (the link)?

It wasn’t linked to anything. The photographer is in the bottoms left corner

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Bump! We need this beauty in the sim!

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@EthanHong thank you for your vote!

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Voted! I reallllly want to see this Livery in IF because it looks amazing and we only have a -800 with the Old and basic livery of alaska. This livery would give us an Alaska -800 with Split Scimitars and something different to fly! ;)

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Thanks for your support! Glad you like it as much as I do

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Oh hey! Bump for those of you who haven’t seen this

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I can’t help but vote for this. I’ll probably be removing my vote on the American 772 request (it’s confirmed)

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Thanks! The livery has so much life in it!

Do you know if it’s common to have golf cards at the gate area in PHOG?

Is the Alaska Airlines Spirit of the islands going to be released

How did you make the case?

First, I had to take the picture.

Then, I uploaded that picture on and they made a case with that picture!

If you want the exact type of case, it’s called the “Tough” phone case.

You have not voted for this livery” Sorry. There is only 5 votes to pester the livery designers. Once planes are delivered. The topic will be closed and you get votes back.🥰

Not that I know of

He did vote a while ago. He probably just removed it to vote for something else

I don’t see him on the vote