Alaska Airlines special liveries

Hello! I just realized that there aren’t basically any of the many Alaska Airlines special liveries in IF. I wish they could be added. Here is a examples:

This is from google images. This is my personal favorite.

There are many different northwest Sports team liveries on the Dash-8s of Alaska Airlines which are also cool.

I hope to see many of the special liveries on IF soon, especially the ones above.

Alaska Airlines Honoring our Vets E175 Livery

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Oh yeah, sorry

You can vote for the Salmon Thirty Salmon here
Alaska Airlines Salmon Livery Boeing 737-800

You can vote for the Alaska Boeing House livery here

You can vote for the Honoring Those who serve livery here

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Is it still fine to keep this request because it is covering all the liveries in general

You can only have one feature request per feature topic you made

Well I’m requesting the special liveries of Alaska Airlines…

Hello there!

You can only make one request per topic as by the category rules.

I found almost all of the special liveries below:

I could not find the Dash 8 livery.

Liveries = plural, multiple.


Please have a look at this

You guys are true. I’ll flag this

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