Alaska Airlines (SkyWest) E175

Alaska Airlines (SkyWest) Embraer 175

Used on regional flights throughout the western U.S., they have 24 in the fleet with SkyWest, and 10 in the fleet with Horizon, with orders for 34 more.

I feel that this beautiful livery would be a great addition to Infinite Flight, flying this plane to the beautiful destinations which are not served by their bigger planes.

In my opinion, this is the most beautiful livery on an E175. So, if you’re as passionate as I am, vote!

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Amazing livery! Let me free up some votes!


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I didn’t see that one.
However, the last post has been over a year ago so that would probably be necroposting bringing it back up.\

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Love flying Alaska’s Embraer. I’ve gotta vote for this

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Let’s get some more votes! I really would love to see this plane in the sim.

Very nice plane and I’d love to see this in the rework (of course if they decide to do it)


I LOVE this livery! It looks even better on the E175! :)

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I am sure the rework will be done at some point! I am hoping they are aiming to rework everything before adding new aircrafts

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I have these flying out of my local airport, sadly, last time I went spotting I was 30 minutes late and it departed already, but I’ve seen this before and they’re beautiful, would be fun to fly in IF

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I would love to see this in IF, there’s barely any Embraer liveries! Sadly, I’m out of votes 😔

Can the title please have (LR) added as this is an embraer E-175LR

I recently got a model of this for my birthday. I would love to see it in IF!!

Not sure about voting for this livery in particular, because I rarely fly Alaskan. However I very much enjoy flying the ERJ series on a regular basis, so I would definitely like to see many more liveries available for the aircraft as the range of liveries is currently so limited for each variant of the model in IF :( … :)

Bumping this because I love flying Alaska Airlines in general so adding this livery to the E 175 family would make me REALLY happy. It’s so modern looking and is EXTREMELY clean. Would be perfect for those west coast short haul routes that Alaska Airlines operates. Hopefully in the future :)… Vote if you like this livery, it’d actually mean a lot to me, and others that want it as well :D

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Hopefully this comes when the Embraer family gets a rework

Would love to fly KSJC-SoCal with this bird

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That would be fantastic. I believe there is a route from PDX to ONT as well. I’d LOVE to do that one.

I agree with you, I absolutely love this livery! This would be a good addition to the E175 selection of liveries. If they added this livery, I would certainly use this one a lot.

Finally someone requested this! Anyways I bet it will come on the aircraft rework once they get to it.

I am an Alaska fan. It is a must!