Alaska Airlines | SFO-DCA | Airbus A320

Hey IFC!
Technically flew this route last night, but already made a post to this category and the max is 1 per day, but this flight was just too much fun.
Server: Expert

Callsign: Alaska 1001
The photos are ready for eyeballs!
Rotation off 1L

Climbing over Oakland

Oooh boy

Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached our cruise altitude. Please enjoy your 4 hour and 10 minute flight to our nation’s capital.

Tasty tailwind!

Passing over the continental divide and seeing the last glimpse of mountains before the plains roll in

Darn plains.

Safe landing in the capital of the United States!

I hope y’all enjoyed!


You landed on runway 33! That runway is closed to all aircraft except E170s. Other than that, nice pics.

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@dca.iad.aviation negative. I landed on runway 1. Every other runway is too short.


Oh! I need to do a checkup on my runway angles at DCA! My bad.

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Great pics, I love the Alaska livery 😍


@Sashaz55 I love the face on the tail! I don’t know how I got this but I have a pair of Alaska airlines wings. So strange!

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Nice pictures! They look really good!

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Beautiful photo !

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I really like that 2nd photo! The closeup of the plane is awesome!

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Awesome pictures, and thanks for flying an Alaska livery with some realism!


Obviously you would like it! Your name! 😂

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I love it.

It’s not just a name…

It’s a lot of other stuff that I won’t type at this moment because I have the last bit of school to finish.

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It’s the blood and the love of the airline isn’t it? I also love this airline.

Stay safe Eskimo!

This one is amazing!! Actually all of them are great. Nice photos

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