Alaska Airlines | SAN-SEA | Airbus A320

Hey IFC!
Sorry for the decrease in posts on this channel, I’ve been really busy lately. School just started up and all, you get it.

  Server: Expert

  Callsign: Alaska 209

  Route: San Diego KSAN - Seattle Tacoma KSEA 

Here we go!
Our ride

Takeoff from San Diego

Flying past L.A

Flying high

The Central valley

The California mountains!

Descending into Seattle

Final 16R

Safe landing in Seattle!

Takeoff and landing movie

I hope y’all enjoyed!

Very cool! West Coast has great views!
I just did a flight from KSAN too 😂

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Is it smoking all along the West coast or just on the pacific Northwest? Visibility was pretty good for me in SAN.

Very nice pictures @Jack_Q!

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Its mostly just smoky up here in the Northwest because that’s the way the winds been blowing. Depending on when you flew, the visibility is a bit better now. I was terrible the other day. I have also noticed that when I flew out of Portland (in IF) the visibility was almost 0 (which it is IRL), but when I flew to my home airport in Hood River (a little West of Portland) the visibility was completely clear (which it wasn’t IRL). Don’t know what that was about though. Anyway, awesome pictures! I love doing that route…

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I am just loving a good wing view and the ones of Seattle and LAX are just stunning! Also some really nice pictures all together. Thanks for sharing!

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I’m going to Astoria (2 hours west of Portland) next week

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Astoria’s a pretty fun place to go. Smokes cleared out of there I’m pretty sure. Have fun!

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